Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Time Part 2

Gramdma Nancy and Papa Walt came down Tuesday night and went with us to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific on Wednesday. We didnt get as early a start as we wanted and ended up at the Aquarium around lunch time. We got some lunch and the kiddos did really well sitting in big chairs all by themselves. We dont go out to resturants very often, so I was really pleased with how they did. No naps equaled some cranky kids, but all in all the trip was a success. I think the kids favorite time was outside with the rays and marikeets. Once we were inside, we had to move fairly quickly from one station to the next to keep their interest. The biggest hit of the day was the tank that had the "Nemo" and " Dori" fishes!

Connor and Dylan trying to catch the rays

Hailey, Daddy and Brooklyn looking at the rays
Dylan and Brooklyn checking out the sh, sh, sharks.


"Did you see the teeth on that shark?" - Brooklyn
"Yeah, they kind of look like mine. See." -Dylan

The whole crew checking out the Marikeets "We just can't get close enough!!" Hailey and Dylan

Seals, Sea Lions and Quadruplets

I guess Connor didnt like the seal this close (its at his feet). Right after this pic, Connor got really upset and started crying. :(

The crash after a fun day

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