Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend

We had a very BUSY weekend. My nephew Matthews birthday party was Friday night. We took the kids and they had a blast entertaining everyone with their balloon antics. The next day, Saturday, my Mom was having the family over for a bar-b-que to celebrate Fathers Day and all the Daddy's in the family. (Unfortunately I didnt get any good pics, but everyone had a great time.)

Sunday we headed up the mountains to meet up with Brians family. The kids were really excited to get to run free and enjoy the mountain air.

I tried to get a group picture of Brian with the kids, but by this time, they wouldnt sit still long enough. So I settled on getting them two at a time while Brian was playing chase with them.

Brian with Brooklyn and Hailey

Brian with Connor and Dylan

Family pic with Gramma Nancy

Snack Break

The kids loved going down this slide. Talk about my heart pounding a million times a minute.

Checking out baby Logan

Papa Walt playing with Hailey

Cute Brooky

Time for a bike ride


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