Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun In The Sun

My friend Claudia comes over once a month to visit and help with the kiddos. This last time she visited we took the quads to a park close to the house. This particular park is nice because the toddler play area is almost completely closed in, so you dont have to worry to much about escaping little ones. Of course, Dylan did manage to make his way to the street. Thank goodness Claudia was close and quick! Heres some pics of our day.





Claudia holding Connor and swinging with the kiddos

My parents got the kids a little toddler table for part of Christmas/Birthday gifts. It took a little while for the order to come in, but we have it now and the kids just love it. I do to! Its the perfect size and I dont worry to much about the temptation to climb on it because it is so low to the ground. Heres some pics of the kids getting good use of it!

Gotta love the diaper boxes for a cheap play toy! As I was just browsing through these pics of the kids in the boxes, I just realized Connor is the only one who truely looks happy. They were all having fun with the boxes, and each one insisted on having their turn in the box. I guess they just did not want to show off for the camera. :)

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