Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Three Ring Circus

My little performers, with Brooklyn commentating:

Lately my life has felt a little like a three ring circus. I am the ringmaster, trying to keep everything in order while the kiddos are the clowns, keeping everything in disarray and having a rip-roaring time doing it. They are little busy bees, into everything and keeping me on my toes. It seems like lately they are testing, testing and doing some more testing. Here's a story from a few nights ago:

So there I was, reading a story to the boys. No, let me back up a little. There I was washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. The kiddos were playing and I was just about finished. I hear Connors belly laugh, but it sounded muffled and far away. I thought he must be under the pillows or down the hall. I take off my rubber gloves, turn around and see the front door wide open, and four little bodies speeding away as fast as their feet could carry them. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest and I yelled at Brian, "They're out the front door!!!!". (We wont name names, but someone left the door open, big sister) The office, where Brian was working, is right next to the door, so I see him hurdle the gate and bolt out the door after our escapees. By the time I get to the front door Brian has reached Connor in the front yard, started to grab him and realizes Brooklyn and Dylan have made it almost to the street, so Brian half knocks Connor over in his attempt to get to Brooklyn and Dylan instead. I round up Hailey, scoop up Connor and Brian hauls in the other two. WHEUUW!! Wipe sweat off brow!!So now I'm back to reading a story to the boys. Connor and Dylan are in my lap and Brooklyn is playing close by. I'm usually pretty aware when Hailey gets quiet and I need to go see what she is up to. This time I was completly UNaware! I finish the story and tell the kids around me its time to get ready for bed. Stand up, look in the other room and there is Hailey.

Hailey the Desitin Queen

She had gotten on top of the changing table, and quickly created havoc. First she threw all the diapers on the floor. Next, she pulled one by one, all the diaper bags for the poopy diapers and threw them on the floor. (About 75 little plastic bags) After that was done the Desitin called her name. I make a paste of Desitin and corn starch for times that the diaper rash gets really bad and she smeared that all over her legs and clothes. Boy, was she proud of herself! The evening just went downhill from there. It seemed like I couldnt get anything done without being interrupted. After multiple time-outs, getting children out of drawers they are not supposed to be in, pulling the boys out from behind the TV, etc, etc, we finally made it to bed an hour after bed time. But then, as I'm putting them down for the night, I get great snuggles from Brooklyn, Dylan puts his hands on both sides of my face and plants a big kiss, Connor giggles and snuggles as I'm putting him down and Hailey gives me smooches on my cheeks, and all the chaos from earlier is not even remotely important anymore. Isn't it wonderful how the sweet, lovable moments far outweigh the trying times?!!

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Bianca said...

Hi, I'm from Venezuela and looking for things for the first birthday of my baby i found your blog. I can only say that God has given some beautiful children, is wonderful to have four children, see the experiences they have lived since their birth and see how it captures everything. congratulations, God bless you as parents and family, hugs!