Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trash Day

Every Wednesday is trash day. The kids love to watch the trash trucks and whenever they hear them coming down the road, run to the couch to watch as they dump all the cans on the street. Dylan and Brooklyn get the most excited and eagerly jump up on the couch. Connor is not as excited, but still usually wants to watch. Hailey, on the other hand, does not even want to get on the couch anymore. This was a rare picture of her actually with everyone on the couch. I even offered to hold her so she could see and she didnt even want to do that. Silly girl. She just doesnt like the loud trucks and tractors. When we go on our walks, there is construction work going on and she turns around in the stroller to try and get away as we get closer to the site.
Out for a stroll. We go for a walk most days and the kids just love it. It's great for me too. Lets me get a little excercise as well as enjoying the fresh air. We usually go out back to play when we get back from our walk.
Dylan just couldn't get enough of the mac-n-cheese we had for dinner. I guess he wasnt satisified with the small spoon or his own plate either.

The quads have been getting more and more creative and I have had to put some toys away and add more safety features to the house. Roxie was barking at the back door to get let out and I was changing Brooks diaper. All of a sudden, I heard the back door opening and there was Hailey, letting Roxie outside. Well of course everyone else (Dylan and Connor) jumped on the chance to get out the door as well and into Roxies food and water. Dylan quickly followed Haileys leading and tried the back door handle too. So the doors now have the baby-proof (adult-proof too at times) door knob covers on them.
Other items I have had to put away are anything they can use to climb the counters (riding toys, toy drawers) or reach the refrigerator water/ice.

I just love watching the kiddos grow and I am just blown away at all they can do every day. This morning as we were having breakfast Brooklyn started to stand up in her chair, and I told her she needs to sit down if she is still eating or she would have to get down. She sat down and I gave my standard reply of "Good job Brooklyn, that was a good choice." In the next second, Hailey said "Good job Brooklyn" and repeated it a few times. It was too cute. They are starting to say more and more of my phrases that I say to them during the course of the day. Yesterday I gave Dylan something and he said "Thank You", and the other day I saw Hailey bringing books to Brooklyn and Brooklyn was telling Hailey "Thank You". Its great to see them using good manners without being prompted and in their interactions with each other.

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